FKN NEWZ | No end in Libya, Iraq, Afganistan etc.

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Posted by kontrapunkt Apr 22, 2011 - 10:40 PM

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Rat je mir, neznanje je snaga, ropstvo je sloboda.

  • American drone killers and UK military advisers deployed to libyan NO end zone
  • Human rights groups whinge as 25 die in pakistan and Bahrain crackdown continues
  • The Queen celebrates 85th birthday with peasant hanging er Maundy money hand out

Hello UN observers welcome to the fkn new z – Im bombing the innocent here are the head lies tonight…Armed US Predator drones are ready to kill people in Libya, Defence Secretary Robert Gates has said. their use had been authorized by President Barrack Obama and would give the military operation the ability to precisely kill Qaddafi – er target forces loyal to Qaddafi. At the same time the UK is to send “Military advisers” to Benghazi in an attempt to help them kill Qaddafi – er fight the Libyan army, i mean forces loyal to Qaddafi. Heres our intractable overseas military conflict ,distracting us from the oppression of millions by dictators we support – corespondent – hugh would believe it – with his special report.

Britain France and America – descended on Libya like flash Gordon – all spandex suits and air cover. Saviors of the universe or at least saviors a few “democracy protesters” Now with the deployment of US armed drones , the sending of UK military advisers and the stalemate of the rebels – versus forces loyal to Qaddafi , it looks like another custard pie in the face of the international conspiracy er community. You see in order to do good and support peace freedom and democracy – we must bomb and kill people , whilst training religious extremists to bomb and kill as well – great stuff. I mean it worked so well in Iraq and Afghanistan – weve been bombing and killing insurgence there for 10 yrs now and their countries are doing great . BTW the difference between an insurgent in Iraq/Afghanistan and a rebel in Libya is about 20 billion a year. According a recent poll Afghanistan is the 6th worst country to live in in the world and Iraq is the 7th worst country to live in in the world – So all the deaths of millions of people, increases in infant mortality , decreases in education,infrastructure, electricity, water, medical treatment, and all that money is a price worth paying for fraudulent elections, corrupt governmnet , ethnic and religious division and unending profits for the arms trade. Nice . Evidence, if any were needed of how wonderful it is to have America and the UK protecting you from dangerous dictators . HAHAHAH And now were all set to do it again in Libya. Are our leaders stupid enough to pursue policies that line th e pockets of the arms trade whilst plunging countries into darkness decay and social instability – er maybe but only if we can avoid mission creep – oops too late heres Senator john McCain arriving in Libya to meet the rebels – whom he calls heroes, unlike the other Arabs fighting oppressive military rule who he calls terrorists.
It is thought President Obama sees the deployment of drones as one way of combating the growing stalemate in Libya as the effectiveness of air strikes wanes in the face of urbanization of the conflict. either way it seems what started as a no fly zone now looks more like a no end zone. This is hugh wouldn’t believe it – intractable overseas military conflict ,distracting us from the oppression of millions by dictators we support – corespondent for the fkn newz somewhere in the Libyan desert in a pick up truck with some armed rebels, waiting for America to kill or overthrow Qaddafi for them , so they can sell oil to France and Italy instead…..

In a related story – Human rights groups have been whinging ineffectively about the latest atrocities committed in the war on terror – At least 25 people have been killed in a US drone strike in the troubled Pakistani tribal region of North Waziristan, Missiles were fired on a large compound , five women and four children were killed. Pakistani officials didn’t say – this is terrible tragedy we condemn the killing of our people in the strongest possible terms , and we object to Americas unilateral use of drone bombing, almost as much as we enjoy spending the 11 billion in military aid since 2002 and 10 billion in domestic aid since 2001 – very little of which has reached the people and much of which has been squandered or embezzled – thank you American tax payer you have made a very good decision – er not that anybody asked you.

Never mind that though, what about the other benefits of being friends with America – I mean apart from them dropping bombs on innocent women and children , allowing you to have nuclear weapons and propping up your corrupt governments. Well the people of Pakistan will be relieved to know that the 20 billion in aid over the last 10 yrs has been offset by economic losses caused by fighting the war on terror -The Economic Survey of Pakistan 2010, estimates economic losses due to the war on terror at over $43 billion between 2001 and 2010 – nice to see your suffering is working out for you …not

In the UK The Queen has celebrated her 85th birthday by hanging peasants from her balcony – er sorry i mean handing out Maundy money to peasants in a traditional service at Westminster Abbey. The ancient ceremony has its origin in the commandment Christ gave after washing the feet of his disciples on the day before Good Friday. Historically it involved gifts of food and clothing and washing the feet of the poor – nowadays of course the poor are nowhere to be seen, banished to sprawling council estates, to live lives of grimy benefit subsidy or topped up minimum wages – the poor dont need theyr feet washed by the queen , they have indoor plumbing and sky tv , so thats alright then. Instead the queen givs money to churchy types and community leaders, you know the kind of people who like the queen and wouldn’t spit in her face, throw her money on the ground and challenge prince Philip to a square go. Meanwhile preparations continue for the wedding of William and Kate – the big question on every bodies mind of course is have they shagged already or will the shagging start after the wedding- traditionally it has always been suspected that the heir to the throne is not a virgin having long ago buggered a few servants for practice. but what about Kate – has she been fkd, will former lovers step forwards after the service with embarrassing mobile phone video of Kate – arse up wearing no knickers singing pull up to the bumper baby – we can only hope so

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