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1000 Aspiriens
1000 Aspiriens  Popular

Inspired by the many good MP3-blogs, we decided to start one of our own. Just punk music we like and want to share, nothing more and nothing less.

It’s not about formats (7”, 12”, compilations, demo’s, testpressings, what ever), it’s about music that makes us jump up and down. May it be rare or be common, we have what we have, we like what we like… and you listen to it or you don’t. Sometimes we have knowlegde about the bands, sometimes we just have our rants. Easy as that, punk!

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7 inch punk
7 inch punk  Popular

Old school hard core punk na singlicama

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MORE THAN A WITNESS: A Hardcore Bootleg Archive
MORE THAN A WITNESS: A Hardcore Bootleg Archive  Popular

MORE THAN A WITNESS serves as archival website that intends to document the rich history of punk rock & hardcore bootleg, demo, and otherwise unavailable material. The goal of this blog is to preserve historic recordings.

If you object to your band's material being showcased on this site, please write me an email and I gladly remove it.

All MP3s available for download are ripped at 328KPS to maintain the best sounding material possible.

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Old School Music
Old School Music  Popular

Gomila old school punk hard core muzike

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Punk Tapes
Punk Tapes  Popular

Welcome to PUNKTAPES DOT COM. This site will be dedicated to all the great tapes that have passed through our hands that we want to share. Please sign up to post all your favorite punk tapes of days gone by, please send us an email if you want to become an author in the system…you need to be an author to write a post, to comment you just register. Since most tapes have alot of songs on each one we will be zipping the files up for easier downloading and posting.

We hope you enjoy your stay and please show support by throwing out a comment or two.

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Slaughter Of The Innocents
Slaughter Of The Innocents  Popular

Pank, hardcore, live, kasete

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