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For years, months, days, we networks and communities of individuals have been exchanging knowledge, designing worlds, experimenting with gizmos and devices.

We are the expression of a thousand thoughts, we are migrants across the City and the Net; we are searching for a place where our commonalities and practices can open up space-time discontinuities.

We want to hack reality, and we need a lab to reassemble its basic elements. In a metropolis scared by unreal securities and too real fears, we yearn to give birth to a site of full of imageries made flesh, of bytes resurrecting metal.

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Minor Compositions
Minor Compositions  Popular

Minor Compositions is a series of interventions & provocations drawing from autonomous politics, avant-garde aesthetics, and the revolutions of everyday life.

A new research - theorizing - publishing project currently developing in the greater London metropolitan basin of collective intelligence. Emergent plotting includes formulating and publishing temporary & immediate interventions in debates & discussions. To learn from and publish radical and movement histories, forms of research militancy useful to present organizing. To draw from autonomist political theory, avant-garde arts, and class composition analysis.

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