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Anarchy Alive!
Anarchy Alive!  Popular

I’m an Israeli activist and writer. I spent five years in the UK, working with local initiatives in Oxford and larger networks like PGA and Dissent!, and passing off my reflections on activism as a PhD thesis, on which my first book, Anarchy Alive!, is based.

Far from the frontlines for now, I live with my partner on an kibbutz in Israel’s southern desert, and make my living teaching Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian students at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.

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Guerrilla News
Guerrilla News  Popular

Dispatches from the Frontlines

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Revolution by the book
Revolution by the book  Popular

AK Press blog

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The Nowtopian
The Nowtopian  Popular

Economy, ‘technology’, public space, San Francisco past and present, class, books.

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