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- EVERYBODY TO THE STREETS! - New police powers could create legal trap for protesters - Secret law passed by Ontario government gives police special powers during G20 - Judge allows police use of sound cannons with limits - Toronto G20 summit: car with extra gas and weapons found; arrest made - Second arrest made in G20 security investigation - Genoa G8 appeal, Diaz school raid high ranking police officers convicted on appeal - Statewatch Analysis: Shock and anger at the violent policing tactics used at the G8 Summit - Part One

- Police seize hundreds of bullets in arrests of three Ottawa men - Police expected to announce charges Saturday in Ottawa bank firebombing - G20 police arsenal includes plastic bullets - Dance Dance Dance - The CLAC vs. Lykkie Li(Buraka Som Sistema rmx) ~ G20 Rmx - G20 activists jailed for poster - Police ask protesters to report violent members - Police deny reports of stolen uniforms

- Top Italian policemen get up to five years for violent attack on G8 protesters - Diaz Sentence 18th May 2010 - Italy backs convicted Genoa G8 police - ANTI-CAPITALIST CONVERGENCE 2010 - Direct Action in Ottawa - Ottawa police have suspects in firebombing - G20 will give homeless the heave-ho - Cops ask truckers to act as 'look outs' during summits - If CSIS comes knocking - DLR maps for G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, June 6 to 8, 2007 - NATO summit in Strasbourg/France

- Police State Canada 2010 and the G20 Summit - Police monitoring social media in anticipation of G20 protests - G8 protesters to get list of dos and don’ts - Queer G20 Call-Out - CLAC 2010 Anti-capitalist Reader - Pictures protest and police Halifax 26-28th April 2010 - G20 summit Toronto: Heightened security zone worries prompts help for homeless - Stop the repression on migrants in the name of G-20 summit - Policing The Crisis: Who Killed Blair Peach and Ian Tomlinson?

- What to do if the police come knockin’ - Anti Prison Demo during G20 in Toronto (Canada) - Local councillor criticized for saying too much about G20 summit - Diplomatic immunity doled out to thousands of Toronto visitors as G20 approaches - Met police to pay G20 protest compensation - Metropolitan Police admit G20 unlawful arrests - REMARCABLE APPEAL SENTENCE IN GENOA: THE RIGHTS OF BOLZANETO VICTIMS RECOGNIZED - Tragicomical trials after COP15 - Stop Harassing Our Italian Comrades

- Witnesses | Zeug_innen wanted! - Completion of criminal investigations against those who protested in Rome the G8 in July 2009. - Protesters, Police Clash Near Davos Forum - G-20 summit protest groups sue PIttsburgh for legal fees - SUBJECT TO CHANGE - Germany to host int'l meeting for financial regulation before G20

- Climate Imprisonments damage Denmark's reputation - Thoughts of end of year from Denmark - Peaceful Greenpeace climate protesters released after 20 days of imprisonment without trial - Deterring the demonstrators - Stop-and-search powers ruled illegal by European court - Belgium to step up security at EU summits

- Action against the Danish police and the power of attorney - Statement from our friends who are still imprisoned in Denmark - net-working to tackle repression, police brutality and civil rights violations - AN INVITATION: FROM COPENHAGEN TO TORONTO - Burn the borders, Paris calling

- CJA calls for an announced demo tomorrow at 15.00 - Nearly 2,000 signatures in less than 24 hours: International petition - VIDEO RELEASED OF COPENHAGEN DELEGATES AGRESSIVELY INTIMIDATED BY POLICE - TWO ARRESTED AFTER CLIMBING - Activists reveal tactics used by police to 'decapitate' Copenhagen climate protests - Gregoire: Copenhagen cops learn from WTO - From Pittsburgh to Copenhagen: Actions for the Earth in Solidarity with the COP15 Protesters - Solidarity demo in Copenhagen - 16.12 - Account of mass arrest experience on Dec 12th - Most Danes back hardline climate summit policing: poll

- Police raid of Bolsjefabrikken - ACTIVISTS TEARGASSED AFTER CLIMATE DEBATE - How will you defend democratic rights for climate activists during the rest of COP15? - Repression COP15: Solidarity in hamburg - A Danish Police State - Report from Cop-enhagen - Copenhagen: 194 arrested after protesters set fire to barricades - A Copenhagen activist speaks: 'I was afraid I would go back to the cages' - Pictures protest and police COP15 15 December 2009 - Pictures protest and police COP15 14 December 2009 - Pictures protest and police COP15 14 December 2009 - 150 arrested as police fire teargas at protesters - Why co-operate with Copenhagen cops? - German police call for demonstrator database