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Your government believes that exhausting your unemployment benefits is a cause for celebration — because you are no longer unemployed!

via The Conversation by Jon Dart Many on the political left, including the linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky, view sport as serving the interests of capitalism, in part by entertaining, pacifying and disciplining the working class. The French academic Marc Perelman abhors sport for the same reason Karl Marx disliked religion – that it is […]

On Sunday, in the fifty-second minute of the final game of the World Cup, four women dressed in Russian-police uniforms charged the field, briefly disrupting the match. They were members of the Russian protest-art group Pussy Riot.

A review of a book by a libertarian Marxist sympathetic to anarchism who analyses four revolutions in the 20th century and discusses their lessons.

Ecology is one of the three pillars of the paradigm of Democratic Confederalism, the political-theoretical concept of the Kurdish Freedom Movement. Besides democracy and gender liberation, eco

In less than a week, the people of the world have forced the President of the United States of America to no longer allow detained immigrants to intentionally be separated from their family members.

Thanks to social media's ability to help news headlines (and those stories that don't even make it out through mainstream media) go viral, Black people and other people of color are beginning to receive some vindication.

Abstinence-only ideology in twelve-step treatment programs is making it harder for addicts to stay clean.

One big problem with border abolitionists and open borders advocates is a lack of focus on how unradical it actually is.

Ever since Trump became President of the USA there's been the prospect of him visiting the UK and the chance for direct action. Anarchist organising is not what it was in London just a few short years ago. I seriously doubt the capacity for bursting the official bubble and suspect that the main leftist counter demo will be the only alternative narrative on offer